The Sustainability, Identity, and Social Change Lab (SISC), under the direction of Dr. Michael T. Schmitt, is located at Simon Fraser University‘s Burnaby campus. Our research focuses on a social identity theory approach to environmental sustainability and environmental activism, but we also examine other topics in intergroup relations and collective identity. Methods used in the lab range from lab-based experiments to qualitative, community-based research. In all our work we try to incorporate insights from critical social psychology.

We work very closely with SFU’s Intergroup Relations and Social Justice Lab (IRSJ) directed by Dr. Steven Wright.

Congratulations Jonathan Mendel on earning the Dean’s medal for your research!

The SISC Lab congratulates Angela Starnaman for receiving first place in the Upper Division Category of the 2019 Student Learning Commons writing contest. Angela’s paper, “How Food Shaming Meat Eaters Hinders Rather than Helps the Fight Against Climate Change”, was written for Prof. Schmitt’s course on the Critical Social Psychology of Climate Change.

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