Lab Director

Michael Schmitt

schmitt michael 005

Interests: Intergroup relations, collective identity, pro-environmental behaviour, environmental activism, well-being



Grad Students

Scott Neufeld


I am a PhD student in the social psychology program (started Jan. 2017) at SFU working with Michael Schmitt. I received my BA in Honours Psychology from McGill University, and my MA from SFU. I am generally interested in research within the “social identity approach” that investigates collective resistance to oppression, collective empowerment, Aboriginal identity, and colonialism (among many other things), and also have a keen interest in critical research and critical research methods. My Master’s research was a qualitative investigation of parents’ perceptions of Vancouver’s new Aboriginal Focus School. More on the Aboriginal Focus School project can be found here. My dissertation research will focus on anti-stigma interventions for people who use drugs and will be conducted in collaboration with the BC Centre on Substance Use. I am also interested in research ethics, qualitative methods, community-based research, and critical participatory action research.


Caroline Mackay

caroline_labpictureI am a master’s student in social psychology, and received my BA in Psychology from SFU. Currently, I am studying how psychological identification with the natural world impacts whether people choose to help protect the environment. I am interested in in what leads people to identify as activists and engage in collective action, particularly to protect the environment.


Annika Lutz

Jonathan Mendel

Honours Students

Travis McLellan

Travis McLellan

I am currently in my 4th year of Psychology, with plans on pursuing a graduate degree in clinical psychology. I am interested in the use of therapy animals in treating anxiety and depression, particularly the use of therapy dogs to mitigate stress responses during therapy. I have been an RA in the SISC lab for 1 year, and enjoy learning about social identity and pro-environmental behaviours.

Research Assistants

Hadar Hamid


I am a 4th year student pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Counselling and Human Development. I am planning to complete an MA in Counselling Psychology and work with refugee families in the future. I am particularly interested in studying the effect of trauma on refugee children and adolescence. My experience as an RA in the SISC lab has been very rewarding as it has broadened my understanding on environmental sustainability and social change.